Beautiful, Semantic & 99% Accessible Websites

A good website is a collaboration.


A content strategy that is honest, that sets you apart from what everyone else are already saying and selling


A curated user experience to encourage exploration and discovery.


Besides light and semantic, an accessible markup that will finally bring it all to life.

Hi! I'm Hamsa Ganesh.

I'm Hamsa Ganesh, an independent web designer & front end developer, from Pune, India. I create websites that are beautiful, semantic & 100% accessible. I was formerly the co-founder of OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Designers, a graphic design studio at Pune.


Currently I'm attending a 9 week training in web development at HackerYou Inc., Toronto. Here I learn from some hands on experts in the web industry to further enhance my skills in this domain.

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Follow the directions on the given map...or just the smell of good coffee. I share my office with the good folks at Teemac (Psst: You should check out what they're doing for Education)


303 Faith Centre, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, India