Sinhgad Technical Education Society

Sinhgad Technical Education Society is a collection of education institutes operating mainly in the region of Pune, India. It provides education in the fields of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Architecture, and Computer Applications.

We were commissioned to visualise the information brochures for their 2015 admission season. As a pilot, we started with brochures for two of their colleges: Sinhgad College of Engineering & Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital. Each of the brochures carried 60 pages of information. After a lot of content re-structuring, we helped break down the heaviness of the text with the use of bright colors, infographics and iconic visuals.

I slept less!
We had already been working with the institute for over 2 years for their annual festival: Karandak. But this project was a bit different, it required understanding the internal information structure of each discipline before we started designing pilots for two of them. We were commissioned three months before admission season and we needed to make sure that our pilots were ready and specifications were passed on to other institutes so that they can produce their own versions in time.

I learnt lots!
A year prior to this project, we were commissioned by Sinhgad Springdale School to create a brochure for the school’s admission season. Like for any other project, our view was restricted to the school and nothing else. For this project however, we were commissioned centrally to create a pilot that would be followed by all institutes. Our minds opened to a system level, rather that a stand alone solution. More than the brochures themselves, it was amazing to see the success in how this format was implemented across different institutes that followed our guidelines.

CreditsThis project was done while I was working at Obsessive Compulsive designers.
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