Shubhram, still in its first year, needed a new website to showcase the services that it provides. The website would:
– Be a tool to help present Shubhram’s processes and offerings to a hospital admin
– Be a tool to help present ‘Shubhram Hospital Linen’, The company’s very own proprietary linen
– Need to appeal to investors or businesspersons looking to set up a plant in another geography
– (And since the 4 founders are health care professionals and professors) Eventually be a platform where they would publish articles in the field of linen management.

100% of the website’s visual assets, apart from photographs, were fed into the website using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). We love SVG because it’s 2017 and we should never have to worry about pixelation. When placed with <svg> tag directly into the markup, they can easily be animated. You can see this in action when the shirt is going through a wash cycle in the Shubhram Clean Chain Page.

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