Futurebrands provide actionable insights that take your brand further. Their insights weigh heavily on the human and culture quotient, so less SWOT and more emotion. They have a vibrant mix of people and are a curious tribe. They are observant about the world at large, and hence can rightly apply them to their projects.They are established mature players, with an almost instinctive sense of how people work, and hence how brands work.

To add a human touch by evoking emotion and empathy about a particular project.
We introduced a 10 color palette that would accompany content pieces sitewide. This way a splash of colour brands every project or individual within the organization. The color acts as an additional layer of information for the content.

No two stories are alike
To highlight specifically the most significant parts of each project, thus showing diversity. Every project card will have the option of representing one of many things. Either a ‘Question posed’ or a ‘testimonial’ or an ‘insight’ or a ‘lesson learned’. This way, the most important part of every project is brought out uniquely at first glance.

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