Armed Forces Medical College

For the silver jubilee of the 1984 batch of AFMC – Armed Forces Medical College, we were asked to design a memoir that manifested in the form of a 250 page coffee table book. This book captures all the stories, banter, photographs and mails that were exchanged while they studied there.

I tried new things!
Since this was a project filled with emotions and memories, we didn’t work with a template approach. Each page layout was dictated by the contents of the page, thus making every spread unique.

I learnt lots!
This was our first project that dealt with so many data sources! 125+ students of the batch contributed every little memory they had from their time in college over email. Apart from mastering google drive for project management, I understood how important it was to stay super organised as a designer: I developed an eye for identifying gaps in content, evaluating the context of the submitted content and validating it for print production.

Project undertaken while at Obsessive Compulsive Designers
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